E3 Style specialises in developing cool, exciting electronics gadgets and consumer goods for a global audience and as a result, we’re known for our range of quality assured, innovative, and fun products.  E3! works with retailers, distributors and product inventors to develop products, packaging and branding that will fit their specific business needs. We can do this because we truly understand the product development business.

The humble journey started for E3 Style in March 2006 when the founders set out to provide retailers with an option to outsource their product development needs.


Vanessa Garrard decided to use her extensive knowledge of the consumer electronics industry and entrepreneurial flair to create a new, unique business model.  Helping retailers compete on something other than price, E3! provides a complete product development service that
is unique for each retailer.


“As products move online either through retailers or multi channel marketing, the growth of mobile phone price comparison shopping increases, it will be even more important to retailers to have a point
of difference over their competitors,” CEO Vanessa Garrard says.


“We can provide exclusive products for each and every retailer, we can even provide exclusive brands and licenses. Having unique products, brands and licences means retailers don't have to price compete.
It means they don't have to undercut other retailers in order to get
the sale.”


Undercutting isn't in the consumers best interest either as ultimately buyers are forced to sacrifice quality to hit the aggressive price points that are set in the market.

E3!'s business model provides retailers access to a more cost effective and efficient product development service whilst maintaining high quality product standards.


“It also means consumers can only purchase certain products from a specific store and that promotes call to action. Consumers can’t just grab the same thing online somewhere else, they must go to that store to purchase it.”


E3!, which has delivered more than 11 million products into the Australian market.


“We are heavily focused on building our Global Product Development Company and in addition to our offices in Brisbane and China we will now provide an online solution that will make product development accessible every minute of the day.”


E3 Style is Australia’s leading supplier for fun, fashionable and on trend products. E3 Style is also the largest Licensed Electronics Supplier with brands such as Superman, Star Wars, Peppa Pig, Sesame Street, Batman to name a few.


If you want to develop your own OEM range or an exclusive licensed range… You don’t need to know how, you just need to know us!


Providing our partners with an unfair advantage in the market, we change the way
you think about your product ranges.  Working alongside you to create ranges and ideas that don’t yet exist,  you become the dominant player in the market.  We take pride
in holding responsibility for the exciting and challenging processes that are involved
in creating your controlled, exclusive and strategic ranges.


Lord Mayor's Innovation Award
BRW GE Best Mid Market Business

Mattel Supplier Of The Year - Asia Pacific

Telstra Business Awards 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

BRW Fast 100

BRW Fast Starters 2009, 2010

Crown Lager Smart StartUp Award

Small Business Champion

Smart50 Australian Businesses List 2010, 2012
Desktop Create Packaging Award Winner

Australian Business Of The Year - Enterprise

Australian Business Of The Year - Innovation