In 2006, Vanessa Garrard launched E3 Style, a product development business for major retailers and distributors of consumer electronics in Australia and worldwide.

The company develops products such as cameras, headphones, smart phone and fitness accessories using retailer brands, its own brands and through the licensing of popular children characters.


With first mover advantage, E3 Style is now the largest youth electronics supplier
in Australia, with 1 in 2 people owning an E3 developed product, as well as the largest licensed electronics supplier in Australia and New Zealand. E3 Style sells more cameras each year in Australia than any of the big global brands and has offices in Brisbane, China and Los Angeles to service clients around the globe.


Her business model provides retailers with a complete product development outsourcing solution, looking after the entire process from product sourcing and development right through to branding, artwork creation and market intelligence. E3 Style's products and business model are scalable and designed for global reach.